Church Audio Training Video Series

Church Audio Training Video Series

Audio Training 101: The Complete Church Sound Training Course

Audio Training 101 DVD Series

Churches today are often caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to relying on technology. Often churches grow to the point where a sound system is necessary but the funds to hire knowledgeable audio engineers are scarce. Relying on volunteers to man these technical battle stations is the only realistic solution. This brings up one question: what is the best way to train these volunteers?

The Scully Media Group has answered this question. Earlier this month they announced the release of their “Audio Training 101: The Complete Church Sound Training Course” video series. With nearly four hours of videos, study guides, and an ebook this is truly the best way to train your volunteers in sound. This five disc training course is designed specifically for church volunteers. Everything your sound team needs to know how to run a church service is taught here.

Church Sound Volunteers Will Learn:

How to use the sound board- We go through piece by piece to explain what every part of the sound board does and how you can use these parts to build a great mix for your worship service.

What is Sound?- Not all people perceive sound the same way, and not all sound is perceived equally. Your volunteers will learn how to compensate for these variations.

How to DESTROY Feedback- We take time to teach your volunteers how to identify sound frequencies so they can get rid of feedback, for good.

How to control your pastor's loudness- No more painfully loud points, or quite whispers. Your sound techs will learn how to even out the loudness of any preacher.

Whats Included?

Disc 1

Disc 1 includes topics such as:
-What is sound?
-How does sound behave in a room?
-What is feedback, and how do I get rid of it?
-How to set up the soundboard

Disc 2

Disc 2 includes topics such as:
-What is a compressor?
-How to deal with dynamic speakers
-How to get the most out of your compressor

Disc 3

Disc 3 is an entire disc packed full of ear training exercises. We go through key frequencies and help to teach you how to spot problem frequencies, and what the role of an equalizer is in that process.

Disc 4

Disc 4 focuses on teaching you how to mix. This disc is packed full of practical examples of how to work the soundboard.

Disc 5

Disc 5 is full of study guides and resources to help get on your feet in sound. Also included in disc 5 is a copy of our eBook "Audio Training 101"

What Our Customers Say About Us...

We will use this series each time we add someone to our sound team to start them in their training. Totally worth the money.

-Greg from New York

This is a tool that will stay relevant and vital for a LONG time.

-Bryan from Connecticut

This is the perfect course to train my audio technicians.

-Mark from Kentucky

These DVD's are easy to understand with lots of examples and hands on practice.

-Jennifer from California

Great resource for training your volunteer audio crew.

-Adam from New York

Church Audio Training Video Series


Physical Copy
Price: $199.99
Digital Download
Price: $99.99

Disc 1 of the series focuses on the human perception of sound and how sound behaves in a room topics such as:
  • loudness
  • frequencies
  • acoustics
will lay a solid foundation for your volunteers to build knowledge on.

Disc 2 highlights dynamic pastors and how to create even loudness through the use of compressors. Topics covered in depth include:
  • how to handle dynamic pastors
  • compressor settings
  • tips and pitfalls on dynamics

Disc 3 is an exercise in ear training. Learn how to identify specific frequencies based off of knowledge you already have. Volunteers will be able to:
  • pick our specific frequencies in the spectrum
  • identify feedback
  • associate specific frequencies with everyday devices

  • Disc 4 ties all this together with practical mixing tips. The mystery of the sound board is revealed with these topics:
    • how to work the sound board
    • mixing structure for great worship
    • using EQ in your mix

    Disc 5 is packed full of resources that include study guides to go with each video, a 45 page eBook written by Tommy Scully “Audio Training 101”, and resources to help your team mix like the pros.

    This video series is licensed to whole church bodies. By purchasing one copy for your church you can make as many copies for your volunteers as you’d like.


"I wish I had someone like Tommy Scully around during my 18 years of pastoring! His understanding of sound and video combined with his ability to transfer these concepts makes him an invaluable resource to sound and media departments. If your church doesn’t have $80,000 a year to have someone like him on your staff, then do the next best thing and glean all you can from these videos and his consulting resources. Your congregation will be glad you did!"

-Tom Ruotolo,Director, Power & Love Ministries

“Tommy Scully’s expertise and practical understanding of audio engineering and how to produce the absolute best quality sound with limited budgets is, in my opinion, second to none. His capacity to pass on his expertise to others through hand on training is also unparalleled in my experience. Tommy also has an amazing grasp on both the analog and digital technologies of producing quality sound, making him and invaluable person to assist organizations in making a smooth and seamless transition between the two. He is also exceptionally adept at video recording and production. Tommy would be an incredible asset to any organization needing hands on training or consultation in the areas of sound engineering and video production. We have been extremely satisfied with his work.”

-Pastor Don Curry of New Testament Church in Massena, NY

"I highly recommend Tommy Scully and his expertise relating to Media and Sound. I have worked with Tommy in over 30 cities and churches in the U.S. and he is by far the most knowledgeable, outstanding, and extremely well versed in sound and media. The best part of Tommy is that he is a servant and a wonderful person to work with. His joy is contagious and always welcomed!"

-Jeremiah Grube, Lion of Judah Ministries

Church Audio Training Video Series
Physical Copy
Price: $199.99
Digital Download
Price: $99.99

About the Author

I'm very familiar with the culture and technology that surrounds church. Having grown up in churches since childhood I have experienced being a part of the congregation, I've had roles on staff, and now I consult churches nationwide. I graduated from the Institute of Audio Research in New York City with a 4.0 GPA and have always had an affinity and gift for audio. That passion for audio since has grown to include talents with video, web development, and live streaming. My mission to support ministry with technology has lead me to design and develop this church sound training video series.

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